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The beauty of the green depends mainly on irrigation knowledge.
Irrigating properly a farm or a garden isn´t a simple task. In fact, every kind of plant and soil has different needs in terms of water supply. The ability to best satisfy these needs is a proper art which requires experience and high-tech instruments.
In the mythic gardens of the ancient times impressive plumbing distributed water in different ways and measures according to the plants´ needs. Moreover, crowds of gardeners did their utmost to ensure to the Green the best nutriment. Nowadays it is not the same anymore. When entrusting your irrigation to an automatic irrigation system – possibly fixed and e underground - the same results can be obtained with a minor waste of time and labour. This is true for both ornamental Green and agriculture.
Scarabelli has decided to undertake this task by distributing Automatic Irrigation and Fertirrigation Systems. These systems assure an ideal irrigation, perfectly calibrated to the need of any green area. Our irrigation techniques are a result of over 30 years of experience together with the best technologies currently existing in the world market.
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