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Scarabelli Irrigazione, for over 43 years, has been putting the best existing products in the field of irrigation at the customer’s service. To implement this choice, our technicians and agronomists test every single product in experimental fields. By visiting this section you can always stay up to date on the results of the field tests of agricultural machines and products and download the inherent documentation.

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Scarabelli Irrigazione has over 43 years of experience in drip irrigation and the salient aspects of fertigation. In recent years, one of the crops that have seen the greatest increases in drip irrigated surfaces is certainly corn, from seed, consumption (sweet corn), to grain.

Scarabelli Irrigazione has selected three different types of drip systems particularly suitable for cultivation:
1) drip system with self-compensating dripline, spread on the surface in alternate rows. Flexible and movable supply pipes, lay-flat type. The plant is fully recovered at the end of the season.
2) drip system with light dripline, spread on the surface in alternate rows. Flexible and walkable supply pipes, lay-flat type. The plant is recovered at the end of the season and the dripline disposed of.
3) drip sub-irrigation system with light but thicker dripline, positioned 40-60 cm below the ground. Supply pipes in pvc and / or polyethylene. The plant is of the fixed type, remaining in any case below the soil processing sole and therefore being reused year after year regardless of the crop expected on the ground.

All types also benefit greatly from the in-line administration of fertilizers, through an appropriate “fertigation kit” consisting of an agitator for dissolving the fertilizer and a piston dosing pump for in-line injection.

Corn – presentation in PDF of micro-irrigation systems