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The beauty of the nature landscape depends mainly on the wisdom of irrigation.

Properly irrigating a farm or garden is not an easy task: each type of plant and land has different needs in terms of water supply. Being able to best meet these needs is a true art, which requires experience and high technological level in the tools used.

In the mythical gardens of antiquity, imposing hydraulic works distributed the water in different ways and measures according to the needs of the plants, and crowd of gardeners did everything to ensure the best nourishment for the plants.

Today this is no longer the case: the same results can be achieved with a minimum expenditure of time and manpower, entrusting irrigation to an automatic system, possibly fixed and underground.

This applies both in the world of ornamental greenery and in agriculture.

Choosing to distribute Automatic Irrigation and Fertigation Systems, Scarabelli took on this task: to guarantee an ideal irrigation, perfectly tailored to the particular needs of each green area: an irrigation that derives from over 43 years of experience in the field and from the best technologies available today on world markets.