Technical design


design service that offers you the possibility to carry out the design of Your garden’s irrigation system in a simple, fast and inexpensive way.

Send Your request and follow the steps carefully:
1) Download the forms to be printed by clicking page 1 (instructions) e page 2 (page for the design)
2) Read carefully the instructions on page 1
3) Fill the form on page 1 with requested data and do not forget to:
– put a cross on the box that corresponds to the size of the main pipe or pump power
– fill in the space dedicated to the project reference
4) Scale carefully the area to be irrigated within the page 2 following the instructions on page 1, not forgetting to:
– indicate the chosen scale
– report the project reference from page 1
5) It is possible to design the area to be irrigated, out of scale, as long as there are indicated all the necessary dimensions and that the resulting drawing does not exceed the dedicated area on page 2, all precautions (except the scale) of the step 4

6) Do not send:

– out of scale drawings with ambiguous, incomplete discordant, or confusing dimensions

– drawings that go beyond the dedicated area on page 2

– drawings made in sheets that are not the appropriate Scarabelli module on page 2 (If you already have a valid and correct-sized design you can cut it out and paste it inside the dedicated area on page 2

7) Deliver the two sheets Scarabelli Irrigazioneor send them by mail or fax (051 763.397)
8) The request will be satisfied as soon as possible
9) For problem solving adn indications contact:

For particular and/or complex systems Scarabelli Irrigazione’s belief is that a serious quotation of costs cannot be excepted from a careful and punctual design of each individual component of the system.

If You want to manage the precious asset called water the company Scarabelli Irrigazione and his higly competent Technical Office is capable to offer You an extremly accurate design service well aware of technical-economic conditions of every projects.

Hydraulic calculations, analysis of possible automatism, accurate drawnings and metric calculation allow to have an accurate cost estimate.


Starting from the evident relationship:
we are convinced that if, on the one hand, it is right to pay the right attention to the initial cost of the various materials used on the other hand, in order to correctly evaluate the real amount of the expenditure, an evaluation as precise as possible of their characteristics is absolutely necessary in terms of durability and technological performance.