About Us

Scarabelli Irrigazione was born in 1977 and since then has been operating in the irrigation sector.

A wise management has allowed the company to structure and specialize in irrigation systems for agriculture, ornamental, sports, filtration stations, pumping stations, fertigation stations, landscape fountains, misting and cooling systems, outdoor fire-fighting systems , construction of electrical panels, electrical and lighting systems for green areas, photovoltaic systems.

In over 43 years of activity, Scarabelli Irrigazione has set itself the goal of constant technological progress in the search for materials and products to be used in plants; this has allowed the company to expand outside the Bologna area to reach the most remote parts of the globe.


The activities

How to program at best that precious resource called water“: a slogan that has always accompanied but also indicated the path that our CEO Mr. Gian Carlo Scarabelli has decided to follow.

Water is the origin and resource for all forms of life, an indispensable element in the world of plants; the beauty and health of green areas depend largely on the wisdom of irrigation.

Proper irrigation is not easy; different plants and soils correspond to different water supply needs. Satisfying these needs is a real art, which requires experience and the constant technological innovation of the tools.

The activity is divided into three macro areas: irrigation in agriculture, which generates about 40% of sales, irrigation in the landscape sector, which also includes the construction of sports facilities, gardens, ponds and fountains which generates a another 40% of the sales, and finally the part of the filtration stations, pumping stations, fertigation stations, misting and cooling systems, fire-fighting systems for outdoor use, construction of electrical panels, electrical and lighting systems for green areas, systems photovoltaics that generate the remaining 20%.

A modern irrigation, where productivity is synonymous with both cost optimization and technological innovation, pushes companies to study cutting-edge products in the sector, to exploit the flexibility of work, to obtain economically advantageous results.

The field of agricultural and landscape irrigation is entrusted to professionals (who already have a high theoretical school base), who are trained within the company, through know-how, from colleague to colleague; that thanks to the experience gained are able to find the most suitable solution for any need and situation.

The constant training, not only theoretical, combined with the dynamism of the company, allows a timely and efficient response to the complex needs of customers in the public and private sector.

In summary, the main sectors of activity are:

  • DESIGN, SUPPLY AND ASSISTANCE of irrigation systems for gardens, parks, football, golf and tennis sports fields, hanging gardens, vertical green walls.
  • DESIGN, SUPPLY AND ASSISTANCE of drip, rain, spray and pivot irrigation systems for agriculture and filtration – fertigation systems;
  • SUPPLY, ASSISTANCE of water lifting systems from deep wells with submerged electric pumps;
  • SUPPLY of lifting systems for civil and industrial waste water with particularly suitable electric pumps;
  • ASSISTANCE, REPAIR of any type of electric pump with on-site interventions;
  • ASSISTANCE, REPAIR, RENTAL AND SALE of chain excavator machines, Machines to coil and lay PE pipe and driplines.
  • SUPPLY AND ASSISTANCE of fire prevention systems outside the buildings;
  • DESIGN, SUPPLY AND ASSISTANCE of fountains, ornamental lakes, filtration systems, water treatment, ornamental misting and cooling systems;
  • DESIGN, SUPPLY AND ASSISTANCE of photovoltaic systems;
  • DESIGN, SUPPLY AND ASSISTANCE of electrical panels, electrical systems, low voltage (230v-380v) and very low (24v) voltage lighting systems.